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Travel with Time

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Local Interaction

Along with the distinctive beauty that surrounds every place comes the warmth and hospitality of the local inhabitants, people you meet on your travel, people unknown to you, people who lend a helping hand when you need them the most. They seem like heaven sent, humble angels that go out of their way to render their support. They speak in soft tones of folklore and about the amazing beauty the place has to offer.

When I was a kid, my mother always told me that there is a guardian angel besides each one of us only that we are unable to see them. They take care of us, watch over us, and silently guard us while we are asleep. She used to always ask me to pray before going to bed so that my guardian angel would watch over me, but as time flew by the guardian angel soon turned into a fairy tale and my thoughts into logical thinking. I no more believed in angels and my mom also didn’t speak about them anymore, all she said was its time you see them yourself.

With time I began to love traveling every weekend, a new destination. On one such travel we were stranded on a highway at 3 in the morning, unable to ask a lift from anyone as it seemed unsafe and there seemed to be no public transport insight. The cold air began to amalgamate with the fear inside me and I began to shiver, just in time, right out of nowhere a rickshaw stopped by and asked us if we would like to go somewhere.

We told him that we had missed our stop and the bus left us here, he didn’t hesitate, but asked us ,if he could leave us at our destination. Now from where the bus left us to the place we called our destination was a 3 hour ride back, it was not something that any rickshaw driver would want to do, drive on a speedy highway where huge carriers, trucks and heavy vehicles flew but to our surprise he insisted that he would at any cost leave us to our destination, the cold wind blew through our ears and we trembled, our legs froze and there was no coffee shop insight. The bright headlights of the huge trucks blinded us but the three wheels of the vehicle rolled sturdy and on track. We reached our destination just before sunrise only to sip on a warm cup of tea at the hotel while overlooking the misty mountains, ignite with colours of the morning. This was one of the many instances when strangers came to our aid when we wanted them the most.

Looking back it makes me think do angels really exist? If they do I am sure they don’t always have wings. They live in the hearts of humble people who render a helping hand to strangers they are the ones who carry ancient stories in their blood and open up to those who thirst for knowledge. If you happen to speak with them, they will narrate to you journeys of their own.

I remember once when I was standing on the bank of a river, waiting for a ferry to cross me over, a very old man came up to me and began to narrate his life’s story, he told me that he didn’t have a house and has been staying in a boat for all these years battling the storms of life and the sea.

His wife died at an early age and he didn’t get married again, he lived a lonely life and he often made conversations with strangers to erase the feeling of loneliness, by then the ferry I was waiting for was quickly approaching, on seeing that he said to me “it was nice speaking to you and he thanked me for hearing him out”; but before he could say goodbye he smiled and said “Hey just remember no matter what life brings your way, fight like a brave warrior, you may not always win but you should go on, for, of all the many things that life teaches you, it teaches you that you must live on and make your own roads. With that he waved goodbye.

Traveling always comes with its own lesson and experiences that’s why we call life a journey. So while on a trip don’t only admire the place but also interact with people who live there if you get a chance,stop for cutting Chai(tea) at a famous tea corner or share your biscuit packet with them that will help you to get to know them better. Write the stories they tell you, as its life and every traveler has his own story to tell. Believe, there are angels and just trust them for one of my rule is, you either believe or you don’t , if it’s may be then be sure you don’t and if you do then it’s just that you believe.